Lion vs The Little People is about the greatest internet hoax of all time. In 2005, a news post masquerading as a bonafide BBC news article, announced a fight had taken place between a lion and an army of 42 fighting dwarfs. The hoax spread like wild fire across the internet before eventually being accepted to be fake. While the article’s veracity in the public eye has been diminished, the myth lives on...   Lion vs The Little People is a film about truth, survival, and tiny wrestlers.
Producer / Director Raphael Warner on the creation of Lion vs The Little People:
Raphael Warner; ‘This documentary is an expose, a thriller, and a mythbuster. Part docu-drama investigating a legendary fight between a Lion and forty dwarfs, part political conspiracy thriller, part exploration of the polemic of abuse, this is a feature film that does more than shock. It’s a film about the battle between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, a screw-ball political fairytale, if you like, about the battle for ‘truth’ in a post-truth era.  
‘Despite the title, this film is not gratuitous, it’s not even that sensational, but it is comfortable being chaotic and weird. The film blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, and despite its dramatic foibles and eccentricities,’is designed to help steer audiences to a mindset of questioning everything they stumble across online.’ 
‘Let me make this absolutely clear, this is not a film that takes the piss out of people of short stature or the Little Person community. Nor does it shame or exploit them. The film has other ‘targets’. It is more interested in exploring the battle between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, a screw-ball political allegory, if you like, about the dangers of disinformation.
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